Tia Norman


Tia was searching for a community where she could ask questions about the Bible, religion and spirituality and not feel judged. An invite from a friend back in 2013 and one visit to a Sunday gathering and she immediately knew Awakenings Movement was the place for her. Her deep desire to explore scripture combined with an awareness of a call to ministry and teachers that were willing to create experiential curriculum designed for her led to the formation of her pastoral leadership and the role of Pastor in December of 2017. She’s mom to John and Kennedy, author of Giving Up Mediocrity and has been known to throw last minute dance parties in her kitchen.

Founder & Personal Trainer

Marlon Hall

Cultural Architect

Marlon F. Hall is an international lecturing anthropologist, practitioner, and storyteller who uses film, art-installations, salon dinner parties, and yoga to unearth beauty from brokenness.

He helps individuals and organizations develop sustainable practices, rituals, values, and programs that deepen their connections, strengthen their culture and broaden their impact.

Marlon serves as the Principal for his private anthropological based consulting practice, the Director for Folklore Films, and a Yoga Teacher at Big Power Yoga. Marlon is also well respected for his work with such institutions as Duke and Princeton. His life intention is to cultivate human potential in ways that are whimsically beautiful and positively willful.

Russell Guess

Composer. Producer. Arranger. Engineer. Sometime musician.

Russell Guess (Guess for short) is a Houston native who is obsessed with music & audio. His purpose is getting the great to their greatness, and when combined with his passion for music & audio the results are always dynamic. Ingrained with a love of music since birth, and a good amount of professional training, Russell is very visual and meticulous about the finished product. Whether producing, recording, live sound, or just providing general ideas, Russell elevates the expectations of himself & those around him to ensure everyone brings their A game.

Tracie Jae

Community Organizer

Tracie Jae believes the world can be a better place if we focus on human to human interactions and she does what she can to contribute. She is the inventor of I’m Glad You Asked, a card game designed to foster conversation and build relationships and a PhD student at Saybrook University studying Managing Organizational Systems. Tracie is a professional facilitator who curates authentic conversations about the things that matter most. She’s mom to 3 adult daughters and counts them among her greatest joys.


in residence

Michele Thibeaux

Singer | Songwriter | Composer | Producer | Arranger

Music has always been an undeniable part of Michele’s life. With projects like “Hey Dj! Experience Michele Thibeaux! Vol. 1” and “The Quiet Picture Show” along with numerous features, her mission has not changed. She believes in inspiring the world one song at a time. Currently, Michele, Denis Cisneros, Carlos Miguel Conway and Jason Mitchell are recording songs written and inspired specifically from “Solace and Serenity” set to be released in 2019.

Denis Cisneros

Denis Cisneros fusion guitarist and artist native to Houston Texas. Active in various musical projects and social organizations since 2004. His research and work as an artist has opened the door to be a music educator and activist.


Rise is an informative and expressive environment for pre-K to 7th graders to grow on their own spiritual journeys, every 2nd to last Sunday.

“Rise is my expression of love to the A.M. youth community to assist them in exploring the parallels between scripture and our lives now, through discussions, crafts, activities and fun.”

Reesie Reese, Rise Youth Coordinator